Who is MPN Journal?

What is mpn Journal

Living with an MPN Takes doctors. nurses. phlebotomists. medication. patience. family. friends. hope. care. love.

We wanted to take a minute to tell you about the site and to introduce ourselves. So what is MPN Journal? Its simple, originally our site was created to give a place to create a journal for those suffering from a myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). When we say those suffering from we mean that we are here not just for the MPN patients but the families and friends of them as well. As we all know, a disease does not only affect the lives of those who contract them but those around them as well. Our main focus will be on journals from patients but we welcome those from families as well. This site was intended to educate through the journeys of the many as well as provide a place where people can share that journey with any amount of anonimity that they choose.

Unfortunately not a lot of people signed up to start sharing their life with an MPN. So now this is just the journal of one family living with an MPN.

So why did we create this site. We are an MPN family, I was diagnosed with an MPN in early September 2017 and the second thing I really did was start writing. For me writing has always been a good outlet for frustrations or stress. And of course the first thing I did was start searching the net for more information on this disease. While searching and writing in my own blog I noticed that there was not really any place like this and immediately started the creation of it. What better way to document the progression than to get the journey from many people, their families and friends.

Again we welcome you and encourage anyone to come and read.

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